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Financial Education in the Workplace

IT'S POSSIBLE... To enhance your employee's benefits package – without additional costs to you! You are aware of the value of a sound employee benefits package for both attracting and retaining desirable employees, but your costs for those benefits are ever increasing. We can help. We use an educational approach to help employees understand, utilize and value their group benefit.


Our program is designed to help employees and their families better prepare for their future, all from a trusted leader in the financial services industry.

Program Highlights

This Program uses an educational approach to help employees make informed benefit and financial decisions through:

  • Educational Workshops that focus on a variety of important financial issues including: retirement planning, investment fundamentals, tax strategies, financial management and benefits integration.
  • Holistic guidance to help employees understand, appreciate and utilize their workplace benefits




Provides dedicated support from financial professionals who understand your benefit plans Includes free educational workshops at the worksite on a variety of financial topics
Encourages employee retention and helps to attract new employees Offers one-on-one guidance to meet individual and family needs - with a complimentary consultation
Promotes the value of employer provided benefits  



Educational Workshops

Employees participate in interactive workshops on a variety of financial topics delivered by professional Financial Services Representatives at the worksite. At the conclusion of each workshop, employees will have an opportunity to request a complimentary, one-on-one consultation

One-On-One Consultations

During one-on-one consultations, trained professionals provide a personal and confidential touch to assist employees in determining the best solutions for their needs.


Action Cycle



Working with a Financial Planner

All of our representatives have prior industry experience and education, and receive additional specialized training in financial services. Above all else, our representatives are committed to acting in your employees' best interests.


You probably consider the financial well-being of your employees just as important as their physical well-being. Many organizations provide financial education in the workplace as a low cost-effective benefit for their employees — a benefit that is appreciated.

What's more, when your employees have professional help planning their financial futures, they tend to be better focused on their jobs. That's how offering financial education workshops can benefit the company.


Comprehensive Workshops

  • Fundamentals of Personal Finance
  • Explanation & Integration of Group Benefits
  • Additional Single Focus Workshop Topic
  • Occurs in two: 60 to 90 minute sessions

Single Focus Workshop

  • Each one occurs in one: 60 to 90 minute session
  • Specific Presentation Selected from a Broad Menu such as;
    • College Funding
    • Financial Management
    • Financial Independence and Security


MassMutual does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for such guidance.


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